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Investor Directed Portfolio Service ((IDPS) are web-based platforms for accessing investment assets such as shares, specialist managed funds, bonds, securities, etc. These are often referred to as master funds, master trusts or wrap services.

These products are useful for investors wanting to run a diversified portfolio of assets without the need to process a mountain of paperwork. A good IDPS will have excellent reporting, be able to execute transactions in a timely manner and be able to provide you and your adviser with the ability to peruse a portfolio and make any necessary alterations or changes quickly. In essence, an IDPS creates an easily manageable account for your monies which also allows your adviser to review and track the performance of your investment on a daily basis to ensure that your strategy remains on track.

They also provide an instantaneous analysis of your portfolio and compile all the necessary reports for your accountant at tax time, saving you time, money and effort by just printing the relevant report.

IDPS can be used for Superannuation funds or simply to manage your savings and investments.

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